DETOX vacations in Greece


Detox & Wellness vacation in Greece

Health & Beauty comes from inside …

Escape from daily life!

Free yourself of the toxins!!

detox wellness vacations in Greecedetox wellness vacations in Greecedetox wellness vacations in Greece



Detox vacation means healthy diet, relaxation and balance !!

Experience a unique detoxification and rejuvenation escape, with personalized programs for a limited number of people per group (VIP treatment), under the supervision of a dedicated medical team from Romania.

Detox Kimi Villas (Evia Greece)


A toxic way of life imposes on our system a daily survival battle which results in:

Fatigue and negative outlook.

Excessive weight.

Hormonal disruption.

Peptic system problems.


Weak immune system.

Problems with the liver and the skin.

Lowered sex drive.


Indulge yourself in a Detox vacation program especially designed for your system in order to feel:

Energy increase.

Greater physical strength.

Weight loss.

Hormonal balance.

Improvement of peptic and over all health.

Increase of libido.



ONDAMED technology therapies for health & beauty after a  specified diagnosis of problems achieving effective detoxification with topical therapies based on electromagnetic stimulation and metabolism acceleration, activation of the lymph nodes, adjustment of arterial pressure, increase of energy and mobility and improvement of peptic, cardiac and neurological problems.

Special diet, with detoxification soups, fresh bio fruits, vegetables and vegetable juices.

Especially designed for cleaning of the blood, lymph nodes and revival of cells.

Hydration with alkaline water.

Botanical supplements.

Respiratory and light yoga exercises.

Lymph nodes massage.

Detoxification of the liver and gallbladder for balanced levels of cholesterol, hormones, blood sugar, arterial pressure and degenerative diseases.

Proactive/optional therapy for intestine cleansing treatment.

Bioptron “light” therapy for strengthening the immune system.

Educational sessions about detoxification and anti-aging.

Group calming psychotherapy.

Emotional liberation through finger-pressure technique.

Increase of the libido through the liberation of testosterone.

Regulation for smooth ovarian function and consequently improvement of reproductive capacity.
As well as relief from menopause symptoms and vaginal atrophy.


If you wish to receive more info about our Detox program in Greece, please send us a reply message at with your personal data (full name, telephone number, email) and we will contact with you asap.

detox wellness suitesdetox wellness suites